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ELV8 R5 Wood Round Brush
ELV8 R5 Wood Round Brush Sale price$9.99
ELV8 Fade Brush Black
ELV8 Fade Brush Black Sale price$6.63
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ELV8 Clipper Comb Black 8"
Sold out
ELV8 Curl Sponge BrushELV8 Curl Sponge Brush
ELV8 Curl Sponge Brush Sale price$9.98
ELV8 Neck Duster Gold
ELV8 Neck Duster Gold Sale price$14.99
ELV8 Curl Sponge Brush Large
ELV8 Clipper Comb Blue 8"
ELV8 C10 Cutting Comb White
ELV8 C20 Cutting Comb White
ELV8 C90 Cutting Comb White
ELV8 Fade Brush Gold
ELV8 Fade Brush Gold Sale price$8.99
ELV8 Carbon Fiber Clipper CombELV8 Carbon Fiber Clipper Comb
ELV8 R4 Round BrushELV8 R4 Round Brush
ELV8 R4 Round Brush Sale price$4.99
ELV8 Magic Styling Brush
ELV8 Magic Styling Brush Sale price$7.98
ELV8 Ultra-Thin Thermal Round BrushELV8 Ultra-Thin Thermal Round Brush
ELV8 Round Brush with Ball Tip BristlesELV8 Round Brush with Ball Tip Bristles
ELV8 Round BrushELV8 Round Brush
ELV8 Round Brush Sale price$13.30
ELV8 3-in-1 Comb Black
ELV8 3-in-1 Comb Black Sale price$6.63
ELV8 Wide-Tooth Shark Styling Comb Black
ELV8 Soft Bristle Fade BrushELV8 Soft Bristle Fade Brush
ELV8 185 Comb BlackELV8 185 Comb Black
ELV8 185 Comb Black Sale price$8.73
ELV8 185 Comb RedELV8 185 Comb Red
ELV8 185 Comb Red Sale price$8.73