The Canvas for Your Craft

Barber Flow is more than just a barber apparel company. We're a team of innovators and creators, committed to designing the highest quality barber capes and apparel on the market. We've embraced the mission of translating the unique, dynamic spirit of barbering into every piece of attire we create.

Barbers appreciate our unique, forward-thinking styles that truly reflect the modernity of their craft. Each piece we create is a statement, an extension of the barber's individuality.

Our commitment to exceptional quality is unwavering. Every Barber Flow cape and piece of apparel is made with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring longevity, comfort, and impressive aesthetics. Our designs are striking, but it's the amazing details, the hidden seams, the perfect cuts, the exceptional stitching, that truly sets our apparel apart.

Whats The Deal With Our Capes?


  • Soft
  • AntiStatic
  • Waterproof

Neck Elasticity

The neckline has a comfortable stretch to it, preventing any constriction around the neck, and effectively stops hair from entering.

Neck Hooks

Featuring two buckles, it provides adjustability and ensures a secure fit.