Agiva Brilliantine Cream 155 mL

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Soft Hold | Glossy Sleek Shine 

This Agiva Brilliantine Cream 155 mL is a masterpiece in hair styling, offering a soft hold with a brilliantly glossy shine. Its specially formulated composition not only styles but also cares for your hair, making it easily washable and leaving no residue. Ideal for those who love their hair to look sleek and shiny, this cream adds a sexy texture and a lasting hold that's simply captivating. Enriched with provitamins, Agiva Brilliantine Cream not only styles but also protects, hydrates, and promotes healthy hair.

Styling Tips:

  • Pre-Blow-Drying: Apply the cream before blow-drying to achieve a modern, on-trend look. It helps in managing your hair during styling and leaves it with an enticing scent.
  • For Curly or Straight Textures: This cream is perfect for both curly and straight hair, enhancing natural textures while adding shine and hold.
  • Ideal for Long Hair: Its formulation is excellent for long hair, providing the necessary control and gloss without weighing it down.

Key Features:

  • Offers a soft hold with a glossy, shined look for a sleek appearance
  • Easily washable, ensuring hassle-free styling and maintenance
  • Makes hair look sleek and shiny, adding a texture with a lasting hold
  • Enriched with provitamins to protect, hydrate, and promote healthy hair
  • Suitable for all hair types, including curly, straight, and long hair


Dispense a small amount of the cream into your hands. Rub together and then evenly apply through damp or dry hair. Style as usual, using a blow dryer for added volume and shape. The cream's lightweight formula allows for easy application and is perfect for daily use, ensuring your hair remains manageable and stunningly glossy throughout the day.