Agiva Cream Pomade Brown 07 155 mL

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Flexible Hold | Natural Shine

The Agiva Cream Pomade 07 delivers an amazing Flexible Hold and Natural Shine Finish. This pomade is designed to provide outstanding volume and grip, while also creating a distinctively natural texture. Any hairstyle that requires a flexible hold and shined finish will benefit from its maximum control feature. With Agiva wax, you can achieve the perfect style, lock it in place, and keep it all day long. The lightweight formula feels natural when styled. Wax can be reworked throughout the day and washed out with just water (water-soluble). (155 mL)

Key Features:

  •  Flexible Hold: Provides a comfortable hold that adapts to your styling needs.
  •  Natural Shine Finish: Enhances your hairstyle with a healthy-looking shine.
  •  Natural Texture: Creates a distinctive and appealing texture in any hairstyle.
  •  Lightweight Formula: Ensures a natural feel, ideal for all-day comfort.
  •  Easily Reworkable: Flexibility to adjust your style throughout the day.
  •  Water Soluble: Effortless to wash out, leaving no residue behind.

Styling Tips:

  •  Volume-Enhanced Styles: Apply a generous amount to boost volume while maintaining a natural look.
  •  Textured Hairstyles: Ideal for creating and holding textured styles with a natural shine.
  •  All-Day Flexibility: Perfect for those who need to adjust their hairstyle during the day.


Start off with a quarter size amount of pomade with two fingers, rub between hands. Apply the product with fingers from the root up. Either style with fingers or comb. Works best with either damp or dry hair.