Agiva Hair Gel Strong Transparent 02

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Size: 200 ml

Strong Hold | Wet Look

Introducing Agiva Hair Gel Strong Transparent 02, your new secret weapon for styling that delivers a stronghold, amplified volume, and an enviable wet-look finish. This product is designed to give you ultimate control over your hairstyle, ensuring it stays exactly the way you want it, all day long. Despite its power, it remains gentle on your hair, leaving no flakes behind and ensuring an easy clean-up as it's completely water soluble. Whether you're aiming for a tousled, textured style or a more refined look, this gel helps you easily achieve your desired result . Try this gel for perfect hair control, all day hold, and a flake-free, high-shine finish. (200 mL & 700 mL)

Works best for these looks:

  • Retro Slickback
  • Spiky Hairstyles
  • Wavy hairstyles
  • Curly hair


Scoop a sufficient amount of gel that corresponds to your hair's length and texture. Rub the gel between your hands. Evenly distribute the gel across your hair to craft the style you desire.