Agiva Hair Styling Spray Rock Orange 02 400 mL

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Mega Strong Hold | Shine

Unleash your hair's potential with Agiva Hair Styling Spray Rock Orange 02. This superior styling spray offers a balance of features that work harmoniously to bring your hair to life, offering mega strong hold, shine, and an easy application that transforms your hair routine.This sexy shine enhances the visual appeal of your hair, ensuring it always looks as good as it feels. Agiva hair spray’s formula remains weightless, allowing your hair to maintain its natural bounce and volume.

Same as Agiva Hair Styling Spray Glued Black 01, but slightly stonger.

Styling Tips:

Perfect as a finisher after using any of Agiva's styling waxes and pastes, this spray adds an extra layer of hold and shine, locking in your hairstyle. 


Shake well before use. Hold the spray 18” away from the hair. Spray lightly and target for a balanced distribution across your hair.