Agiva Wax Matte Paste Green 03 155 mL

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Firm Hold | Matte Finish

The Agiva Matte Paste Green 03 delivers an exquisite Firm Hold and Matte Finish. This high-performance paste delivers exceptional volume and hold, accompanied by a distinguished matte texture. Any hairstyle that requires a firm hold and soft matte finish will benefit from its maximum control feature. Agiva wax allows you to accomplish your desired style flawlessly, secure it firmly in position, and sustain it throughout the day. Its lightweight composition gives a natural feel when styled. The wax is easily malleable and can be reworked throughout the day, while also being water soluble and easy to wash out. (155 mL)

Styling Tips

  •  Textured Fringe: Apply a small amount of Agiva Matte Paste to your fingertips and work it through the ends of your hair. This will help to separate and define the strands, giving your fringe a volumized and textured look.
  •  Matte Combover: Use a comb and a moderate amount of paste for a matte combover. Apply it evenly through damp or dry hair and comb it over to one side. The firm hold of the paste will keep your hair in place, while the matte finish will give it a sophisticated, natural appearance.
  •  Hairstyles Needing a Volume Boost: The Agiva Matte Paste is perfect for adding volume to any style. Apply it to the roots of your hair and use your fingers to lift and style. The lightweight formula won't weigh your hair down, making it ideal for volumizing.

Key Features:

  •  Firm Hold: Ensures that your hairstyle stays in place all day, without any stiffness.
  •  Matte Finish: Provides a natural, non-glossy look that enhances any hairstyle.
  •  Maximum Control: Ideal for maintaining intricate styles or keeping hair out of your face.
  •  Lightweight Composition: Feels natural and won't weigh down your hair, perfect for volume and texture.
  •  Easily Malleable: Can be reworked and restyled throughout the day.Water Soluble: Easy to wash out, leaving no residue.


Start off with a quarter size amount of paste with two fingers, rub between hands. Apply the product with fingers from the root up. You may either style your hair using your fingers or a comb. It is recommended that you apply the wax to slightly damp or dry hair and style it as desired.