ELV8 Beard Filler Pen Kit Black

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ELV8 Beard Filler Pen Kit Black

NATURAL LOOK : The ELV8 beard filler pen is designed to restore all the gaps in beard, giving to your restored beard a natural and fresh look.

EASY TO APPLY : Designed with a four fork tip head for a more seamless look. Start by drawing the contour of your beard or moustache and continue to color inside evenly along desired shape.

SWEATPROOF & WATER RESISTANT : Our long-lasting formula ensures the product application will last all day with confidence and without smudging or fading through sweat, or rain.

CONTOURED BEARD : Our Beard Pen will give you the best form of the beard and its perfectly contoured appearance. Our pencil filler is designed to reduce the appearance of gaps in your beard, moustache, and even eyebrows!

Includes: 1 ELV8 Beard Filler Pen & 1 ELV8 Fade Brush